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    1-24 of 57 Results

    About Battery Terminal

    Power Up With Battery Terminals To Keep Your Vehicle Charged

    Your battery is a key component that provides the crucial power that your car, truck or SUV needs to run. Yet even when your battery's in good shape, a faulty set of terminals can still ground your vehicle. Get back on the road and shop AutoZone for the best battery terminals for cars and trucks. Find your gear available at great prices every day at your local AutoZone or in our online store.

    Reliable Power

    You might take it for granted that your vehicle always has the juice its needs. After all, it reliably starts and runs every day, right? Yet one morning, you turn the key and you're greeted by dim, flickering lights, clicking noises or the slow cranking and chugging sounds of your auto struggling to start. Or even worse, nothing happens. What could possibly be wrong? Your battery isn't that old. Could it be the alternator or the starter? You pop the hood and eyeball your battery and sure enough, you spot visible corrosion on the terminals.

    Wide Selection of Quality Parts

    Relieved, you type “battery terminals near me” into your search engine and end up at AutoZone. You made the right choice by shopping our selection of battery terminals, sourced from trusted brands and priced just right to get you back in gear. Duralast is known for components that meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer standards when it comes to performance, quality and durability. Just like the company's rugged high-quality batteries that keep your vehicle powered mile after mile, its battery terminals are also built to last. Our inventory of battery terminals features economical corrosion-resistant models made to endure your daily commute, weekend trips or anything else your lifestyle throws at your vehicle. We also carry models for top-post style batteries, designed to easily and quickly detach to curb electrical drain and prevent theft. Even better, we help you find the right terminals for your make, model and year of vehicle. Just use the drop-down menus up at the top to select those details and your engine type. It's really that simple.

    Get Just What You Need Every Time

    Need more help to track down what you're looking for? No worries. Our AutoZoners are here to provide helpful guidance and advice. Whether it's locating the exact part you want or getting recommendations on gear that goes the distance, you can find our experts at your friendly neighborhood AutoZone store, at our toll-free number or via email. Shopping is more convenient than ever, too. Get what you need fast at our online store, your nearest AutoZone location or in our mobile app. Find the lowest prices on battery terminals, alternators, starters, cables, batteries, ignition switches and other electrical system components along with our huge inventory of OEM and aftermarket components, performance parts, accessories and more. Track order status with just a few clicks of a button.