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1-12 of 12 Results


      Battery Terminal Bolt

      Why a Great Battery Terminal Bolt Matters

      One of the most crucial parts of your entire vehicle is its battery. If this component isn't doing great or isn't well-maintained, then you may find yourself stuck on the side of the road without power. A part that is crucial to the battery's success is its battery terminal bolts. If you are in the need of one, then you are in luck because AutoZone has the best battery terminal bolts for cars and trucks. Browse through our catalog to find the right fit and material for your battery. Don't worry if you can't seem to chose one. AutoZone's amazing customer service has got your back.

      Car Battery 101

      For those wondering if a battery terminal bolt is a necessary replacement, it is important to look at the role of a battery terminal. A battery terminal is an electrical contact that joins together a battery cable to a battery. Without these, your car essentially would have no safe point to generate power and your car would not run. A corroded or worn out battery terminal means you aren't going anywhere. Meanwhile, a battery terminal bolt is what holds the battery terminal together to the negative and positive rods on the battery. These can also wear down after time which why it is important to check these bolts from time to time to maintain your battery's and your car's health.

      A Variety of Styles

      There are many different types of battery terminals which naturally means there are many kinds of bolts to go with them. Here at AutoZone, we have a great assortment that includes brass and zinc components. We also carry different sizes so you can find one that fits snug into your terminal. Before purchasing, make sure to check if your battery's posts are on the side or top the battery as this can make a difference in what bolts you should purchase. AutoZone carries both types so you know you can to find the right one. Aren't sure? An AutoZone employee is more than happy to help you and even help install bolts for you. Just search up “battery terminal bolts near me” and you'll find an AutoZone location near you.

      Service Built for You

      AutoZone is one of the leading car part providers for a reason. Our team members are experts in the industry and know what it takes to care for your vehicle. Each is knowledgeable in auto repair and parts. This means that whenever you are walking into your local AutoZone you know you are going to find what you need. You can also find what you require at the right price point. Our catalog contains affordable options that won't hurt your wallet. In fact, AutoZone has the lowest prices on battery terminal bolts today. Just drop by one of our stores or search online and get back to driving in no time.