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1-22 of 22 Results


      Optima Car Battery

      Your vehicle comes with a battery to support the power requirements and start the engine. If your vehicle is suffering from dimming lights, slow cranking, engine sounds, and malfunctioning accessories, you need to replace your battery. Browse from a wide range of batteries when you visit AutoZone. An Optima battery is among the best car batteries available on the platform, and they're at a great price.

      The Optima battery works by storing chemical energy and converting it to electrical energy. These batteries rely on pure lead plates within six cells to generate power and allow users to charge their vehicles faster with added corrosion resistance. Optima batteries use spiral cell technology to deliver vibration-resistant performance for your vehicles.

      What Optima Battery is Most Practical?

      You can choose between a variety of Optima batteries at AutoZone. Both the RedTop and YellowTop batteries have their own advantages. However, the YellowTop Optima battery offers a more practical option because it allows users to get uninterrupted power with continuous charging capabilities. The YellowTop batteries also provide a more practical power level compared to the entry-level RedTop battery. The YellowTop batteries can support winches, lights, and larger electrical loads. When you're looking for an Optima battery, AutoZone is the perfect place to find the right match. Search the right fit for your vehicle thanks to the year, make, model, and engine size filters. An AutoZone battery purchase is also conveniently able to be sent to you with Home Delivery or In-Store Pickup options.