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    1-24 of 67 Results

    About Honda Accord Car Battery

    Loyal, dependable and chockfull of useful features, your Honda Acord has seen you safely through some incredible adventures. Make sure it's prepared to last for many more journeys with the purchase and installation of a new, top-of-the-line Honda Accord battery from AutoZone.

    A new car battery for Honda Accord from AutoZone features an exceedingly durable, impact-resistant design that minimizes damages caused by vibration, and it also boasts cold-cranking amps, which enable your car to start more easily on cold days. At AutoZone, our goal is to provide the right products at the right prices. We provide a stress-free shopping experience when you order online, as well as an array of great benefits like free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing and access to trustworthy advice provided by helpful staff.

    Keep Moving Forward
    A good, reliable battery keeps your car operating for years to come. Every once in a while, however, you'll need to replace it. At AutoZone, you can get the best battery for Honda Accord cars, ensuring that you never get stuck with a half-functional battery holding you back. After driving with an old, unreliable battery, a new one feels like a fresh start. A new battery gives you the freedom to drive everywhere with confidence, from your work commute to road trips.

    When Should You Replace Your Battery?
    Over time, car batteries naturally lose their power. They typically last from three to five years. If you find yourself with a dead battery and no immediate cause, needing a friend or even a stranger to jumpstart your car, that's a sign you need to buy a new battery. If your battery is more than three years old, you can visit your nearest AutoZone location to test your battery's strength for free to see how soon you will need a new one. Factors like extreme weather, either hot or cold, can cause your battery to wear out more quickly. These factors put stress on the components of your battery, including the cathode, anode and electrolyte that allow your car to convert energy for use. Get a battery replacement for Honda Accord that is fresh and ready to install.

    How Do You Choose a New Battery?
    The AutoZone website makes it easy to find the right battery for your Honda Accord. Just select your car's year, make and model to find batteries compatible with it. There is a range of top, reliable brands to choose from. Standard Duralast batteries are a popular choice perfect for everyday use, and they come with a two-year warranty. They have Gold and Platinum battery types designed to work with high-performance vehicles that put high demands on their batteries. Odyssey and Optima are options suited to extreme vehicles. Valucraft lets you replace your battery at a low price, and Econocraft offers the absolute lowest price for a new battery that fits your car. Whatever type you choose, you can get the best prices on batteries right here. After installing your new battery, leave your old one with AutoZone. We can take care of your old battery by taking it to recycling, so you don't have to deal with an inconvenient car battery taking up space in your garage.

    Save Money With Self-Installation
    AutoZone gives you the tools and components you need to maintain your car on your own, instead of relying upon mechanics for even simple fixes. Our affordable items help you keep your car in top condition without spending a fortune. Free services such as battery testing help you take an active role in caring for your car, giving you independence and helping you save money. Visit us today to get a battery replacement and other necessary car parts.

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    Anita Houk

    in 4 months

    During one 3-yr warranty, I had to replace the original battery after four months, and that replacement battery died just outside the original warranty period.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid

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    Worked as expected.


    in a month

    The battery is working as expected. I am using it for our 2012 Honda Accord.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? Honda Accord.

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    in 8 months

    I've been buying the Duralast battery for many years now. I bought the Die Hard battery for many years and the quality diminished greatly. The Die Hard battery became so unreliable, I sought an alternative battery. I initially purchased the Duralast battery with hesitancy. I'm the end it made me a believer. You can not go wrong with this battery whether in extreme heat or frigid cold weather. I highly recommend this brand!

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2017 Honda Accord Sport SE