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    1-19 of 19 Results

    About Honda Civic Car Battery

    Upgrade the battery in your reliable ride with a Duralast Honda Civic Battery from AutoZone that ensures your car always has the starting power it needs to keep you on the go. Rely on your car to turn over, whether it's 30 below zero or 110 degrees outside, when you shop the unbeatable selection of batteries at AutoZone.

    Your battery works hard in extreme temperatures, and the cold increases the cranking load on your battery. Heat can corrode sensitive connections, so bring your car into AutoZone for free battery diagnostics twice a year to find out how healthy it is. Replace your worn-out battery with a high-quality car battery for Honda Civic from our large inventory. Receive trustworthy advice from AutoZone's helpful staff so that you keep your car running well with the right products that fit your needs. Add functionality and dependability to your auto with aftermarket car parts from AutoZone.

    Charged With Battery
    Honda Civics are excellent vehicles that can outrun many other cars on the market. With both a long lifespan and parts that seem to last forever, you might have forgotten that your battery was getting old and on the verge of needing a replacement. Batteries often last between four to five years before needing to be changed out, but it's important that you can rely on your car to start the first time in the middle of a blizzard or the desert. You can find the right battery for your Honda Civic at AutoZone, and with many different brands to choose from, there is something to fit everyone's quality needs and performance preferences.

    Time For a Replacement
    It's generally pretty noticeable when your Civic needs a new battery. Maybe it's not starting the first time like it has for so many years before, or it's starting much slower. If this is the case, choose your replacement as soon as possible, because that might be one of the last times it starts without a jump. Often, your Civic will show you a dashboard warning light in the shape of a battery if it's not getting an adequate charge. This light can also indicate other problems, so it's best to have the electrical system inspected by a mechanic. If your battery is getting close to the four or five year mark, a professional can test it out to see how much life it has left. There should be a manufacture date on the case if you can't remember when you purchased it.

    Bad chemical reactions can ruin your battery as well, which may show up as a weird, rotten-egg smell or the battery case will look swollen. If this is the situation, have your car checked out immediately because if there are chemicals leaking out, they can eat away at other parts and cause a lot more damage. An early battery replacement for Honda Civic will mitigate the potential for these types of extreme damages, and AutoZone has the best battery for Honda Civic, with a wide variety of quality replacement options to choose from.

    Aftermarket Batteries
    While some shoppers prefer to buy OEM parts from the dealer, these can be incredibly expensive for the same quality as an aftermarket brand. In fact, some aftermarket parts are reverse engineered from the originals, and designed to be even better than OEM by engineering the weaknesses out, for a fraction of the cost. Read the reviews to ensure you're picking one of the better-quality parts that is sure to suit your vehicle best. Some are designed to withstand deep freezes, while others may provide additional protection for extreme hot summer days. You can find some of the best replacement batteries on the market on the AutoZone website, including brands such as Duralast, Econocraft, Odyssey, Optima, and Valucraft.

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    Working great


    in 2 years

    Needed a new battery for a 03 Honda Civic Hybrid. Easy install and working great.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid

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    very helpful place.


    in 2 years

    Being handicapped and getting the service I needed to get my battery checked, and replaced while standing inside the store was a pleasure. I would love to just say thanks again for your help.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2007 Honda Civic

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    Works Great


    in 4 months

    The battery has a bit more cranking amps over the AGM. Granted it doesn't charge as fast, but it's a more durable battery and more forgiving IMHO.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2007 Honda Civic SI