2007 Honda Civic Battery

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1-6 of 6 Results

1-6 of 6 Results

2007 Honda Civic Battery

The average car battery lasts three to five years, which varies based on different factors. AutoZone has a wide variety of batteries specifically designed for 2007 Honda Civic battery replacement, allowing you to shop with the confidence of knowing that you are getting the right part at the right price. AutoZone’s assortment of batteries comes with several warranty options, which is why we are the number one destination for safer starts and longer battery life.

Signs of a Failing Battery

When you replace your battery before it fails, you save yourself from a potentially hazardous situation. You won’t have to guess when the time has come for you to consider replacing it because your battery will give you plenty of signs that it is failing.

When you look at your car’s battery, you may notice that it has corrosion or rust on the terminals or a swollen battery case. Likewise, you may experience a slower start to your engine, or the “check engine” light is on. If you think you need to replace your 2007 Honda Civic’s battery, AutoZone will get you back on the road.

How Do I Know Which Battery to Buy?

Instead of spending your time leafing through your owner’s manual to find the battery specifications, AutoZone can simplify the process of finding a new battery. We help you shop a selection offering features like various warranties, the number of lead plates, and expected battery life. If you enter your vehicle's details at the top of this page, we'll only show you the parts that fit.

How Do I Choose the Right Battery Size for a 2007 Honda Civic?

Information such as cold-cranking amps and reserve charge are features that can be taken off of your current battery. AutoZoners can help you pick out the battery with the right features to ensure you are getting the right fit every time.

What is the 2007 Civic Battery Price?

You will find that most batteries cost between $100 to $250. The cost of your new battery will be determined by things like the size, quality, brand, and power output. Every one of the batteries carried at your local AutoZone is from one of our trusted brands.

You can get your battery tested and charged for free at your local AutoZone. The Duralast® Fast Charger can charge most automotive batteries in about 30 minutes, giving you a chance to shop our other parts selections. You can also enjoy Free In-Store Pickup or Free Curbside Pickup on your online battery orders. If we don’t have what you need in-store, you can opt for Next-Day Shipping for your new battery.



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Great Quality


in 10 months

I had to replace my battery, The last Duralast battery I purchased lasted 7 years and already was reliable. That is why when I need a battery I came back and purchased another Duralast.

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Amazed at how quickly i was told the order would b


in 23 days

I drive a lil farther to shop at this store because of the atmosphere. The manager is down to earth as well aa very helpful

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This battery worked great!

Russ G

in a year

This battery worked great in my 2007 Honda Civic ex I would recommend this battery to anybody.

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