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1-21 of 21 Results

    1-21 of 21 Results

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    About Honda Odyssey Car Battery

    Ensuring your Honda Odyssey starts smoothly every time is crucial to driving confidently. However, if you notice reduced power in your car's electrical systems, like the radio, lights, power windows, or charging ports, it could mean that your Honda Odyssey battery is failing. If this happens, your car won't start easily, and you might be forced to rely on jumper cables to get it started. To avoid this, replace the battery with a new one from AutoZone.

    The lifespan of a battery for your Honda Odyssey generally ranges from three to five years, and this figure can be influenced by weather, driving patterns, and the battery type. When changing it, choosing a battery that's the right size for your car is important. A battery that's too big or small won't fit properly in the battery tray and can lead to vibrations that damage the battery or other components in the car. You can find your Odyssey battery size on your car's old battery or contact an AutoZone associate for trustworthy advice.

    At AutoZone, you can shop for batteries for your Odyssey in BCI Group sizes 24F, 34R, 35, and others from some of the best brands like Duralast to keep your car running smoothly. Select convenient options like Free Same Day Pickup, so you can get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.



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    Best Lead Acid


    in 2 years

    Perfect fit for my 2002 Odyssey and double my cranking power from the Honda OEM battery I once had.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2002 Honda Odyssey

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    Great battery


    in a year

    So far the battery has been great for my minivan. The service was great at Autozone! The battery came with a three year warranty, which is a great deal.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2012 Honda Odyssey

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    Good value for 3 year battery


    in a year

    Good value for 3 year battery, easy to install, carrying handle nice feature.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2014 Honda Odyssey