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1-24 of 71 Results

1-24 of 71 Results


      Mercedes Benz Car Battery

      Mercedes Benz vehicles rely on a battery to start their engines and to run its electronic components. The battery is an essential part of a car, and when the battery goes bad, the vehicle won't start any longer, and accessories won't function either. Most Mercedes Benz batteries eventually need to be replaced, and you can find a matching replacement at AutoZone from brands like Odyssey and Duralast.

      When to Replace Car Battery

      If you're vehicle struggles to start and makes clicking noises on startup, the battery is likely low. Dim headlights, slow car windows, and slow seat adjustments are also signs the battery is going bad. If you notice a few of these different issues, it may be time to obtain a replacement battery for your vehicle. You can get matching starting and charging equipment for your Mercedes from AutoZone based on the year, make, model, and engine size.

      Mercedes Benz Battery Size

      There are several Mercedes Benz battery sizes to consider, and you should filter search results or talk with an expert to help you find the correct fit. Once you have the battery, you can easily change it by unfastening the negative cable and then the positive cable and unhooking any hold-downs to fully loosen the battery. Once it's loose, you can swap in the new battery and secure it, beginning with the positive and then the negative terminal.

      Finding a battery replacement or other maintenance or repair parts for a Mercedes is simple at AutoZone. Choose from Same-Day In-Store or Curbside Pickup or Free Next-Day Delivery to your home on eligible orders for easy replacement.