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1-24 of 81 Results


      Volvo Car Battery

      Whether you drive a Volvo C30 or XC90, the electronics are powered by a Volvo car battery. It's used to crank over the engine to get it running, and the accessories use battery power when the motor isn't on. A bad battery can leave you in a tough place, but it's fast and simple to swap out. Find your new Volvo battery at AutoZone from popular brands at a great price.

      Signs OF A Failing Battery

      The battery your vehicle has will last for between three and five years before it needs to be changed. Eventually, you'll notice the engine cranks over more slowly and your lights might not shine as bright any longer. Weird electrical issues can come up, or you might inconveniently discover the battery is dead from time to time. Those are all warning signs your Volvo battery should be changed.

      What Battery Should You Upgrade To?

      You have options for a new battery at AutoZone, but you should only use one that's sized to fit your Volvo's year, model, and engine size. Trusted brands include inexpensive Econocraft or Valucraft batteries, spiral-cell Optima batteries, and three grades of Duralast car batteries also. Properly sized for your car, you'll find a battery that has the power you need, backed by Full Replacement Warranty of up to three years.

      AutoZone is the best source for all your car parts, from brakes and bulbs to car batteries, from all the top brands in the industry. Get your new battery quickly with options like Free In-Store or Curbside Pickup and Home Delivery on eligible orders.