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    1-20 of 20 Results

    About Volvo XC90 Car Battery

    To ensure that your Volvo XC90 starts and runs smoothly, you need a dependable battery capable of providing plenty of power to the car's electrical and starting systems. If you're experiencing issues like slow starts or worrying electrical gremlins, your Volvo XC90 battery may be old and in need of replacement. Fortunately, AutoZone offers a wide selection of high-quality Volvo XC90 batteries that fit exactly like they should.

    As a battery is used in your SUV, its ability to hold the same among of power decreases. On average, you'll get about three to five years of life out of most batteries, but you'll likely need a replacement sooner or later. It's essential to choose the appropriate XC90 battery size, including the positioning of the terminals, the reserve capacity, and the cranking amperage. Group Sizes 48 and 49 are common, but other options might fit depending on your vehicle build. Whether you need an AGM, an EFB, or a standard flooded lead-acid battery our friendly staff will make sure you get what you're after.

    At AutoZone, we offer a broad array of quality batteries from reputable brands like Duralast Gold. With options like Free Next Day Delivery, you'll enjoy dependable performance for many miles to come.