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Get an exact fit for your Acura Legend

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1-4 of 4 Results


      Acura Legend Ignition Switch

      True to its name, your Acura Legend is a classic throwback of a luxury sedan. Keep the parts of your legendary ride in top working order with a new Acura Legend ignition switch from AutoZone.

      Just as other engine parts can be affected by repeated wear and dirt, the contacts in an ignition switch have a tendency to get grimy or wear out over time, thus preventing the switch from working properly and your car from starting. A new ignition switch for your Acura Legend from AutoZone replaces this worn-out part, effectively restoring reliable engine start-up power to your ride. When you order Legend ignition switches from AutoZone, you always get convenient home delivery. Or, take advantage of our convenient Same Day Store Pickup if you'd like your part in a hurry.