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Get an exact fit for your Buick Regal

1-24 of 29 Results

1-24 of 29 Results


      Buick Regal Ignition Switch

      Generally, your Buick Regal is a reliable car. However, over time, the ignition switch for Buick Regal can wear out, making your car less dependable than you need it to be. Get a replacement ignition switch from AutoZone and ensure your car starts every time.

      Your Buick Regal ignition switch transmits a signal to the starter relay when you turn your key. When the contacts in your ignition switch wear out, that signal is lost. As a result, your car doesn't start, leaving you stranded. With the Loan-a-Tool program, rent the tools you need to get your ignition switch replacement job done correctly the first time. You can shop your local store and enjoy other benefits like free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing during any visit.