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1-19 of 19 Results


      Buick Skylark Ignition Switch

      When you're late for work for the third time in a week due to a faulty ignition switch on your Buick Skylark, it's time for AutoZone. Get your car started every time with a replacement Buick Skylark ignition switch from AutoZone and trust your car's performance again.

      Skylark ignition switches are what let the car know you have turned the key. Over time, these switches wear out, and the signal to the starter relay is lost. Fortunately, AutoZone has the perfect ignition switch for Buick Skylark in stock. When you order online, choose Same Day Store Pickup and have your replacement in your hands when you need it. AutoZone's Loan-a-Tool program gets you the tools you need to do a proper ignition switch installation at home. You shop the incredible selection at your local store and benefit from free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing at the same time.