Ford Ranger Ignition Switch

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    1-15 of 15 Results

    About Ford Ranger Ignition Switch

    Your compact pick-up truck is so reliable that you've been counting on it for years to handle whatever task you throw its way. You also love how nimble on- and off-road your truck is. If your faulty ignition switch has made your excursions impossible, invest in a new ignition switch for Ford Ranger from AutoZone.

    The ignition switch on your vehicle has an important job. Its main responsibility is sending the key motion to the starter relay and ignition system. Over time the contacts in an ignition switch wear out and stop the switch from working properly. Fortunately, AutoZone has Ranger ignition switches available that are fashioned specifically for your make and model. Enjoy Same Day Store Pickup and choose what store is closest to you when you order online. Our stores offer trustworthy advice provided by helpful staff. Get your Ford Ranger ignition switch from AutoZone today and benefit from free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you shop.



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    Keeps my truck running. :)


    in 2 years

    It was a bit spooky riding down the mountain and all of a sudden the old truck starts jerking around like a bugger is after me. Then, nothing. The motor dies. The lights go out. Nothing works. I am riding down a curvy mountain road with the just the light of the moon to keep me from hurtling to my death over a cliff. I immediately reached for my keys to try see if I could crank the old boy back up. As soon as I touched the keys, everything started working again. The motor started on its own as I didn't take it out of gear. I realized then that it was a problem in the ignition switch somewhere. This happened a few more times before I got down the mountain and back home. I replaced the switch and the key cylinder, and no more instances of feeling like Old Scratch was chasing me down the road.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 1987 Ford Ranger

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    Great price!


    in 3 months

    My 94 Ranger is experiencing intermittent starting problems so the $23 for this switch is an easy "hope for the best" solution that didn't solve it!

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 94 Ford Ranger XLT