Honda Civic Ignition Switch

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1-24 of 26 Results

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Honda Civic Ignition Switch

A good number of beneficial features, superb styling and first-rate fuel economy make your Honda Civic a car to contend with. There is a lot to love, but one thing you aren't going to love is if your Honda Civic ignition switch breaks down. Order a durable replacement from AutoZone today.

Without a fully functional ignition switch for Honda Civic, your vehicle's starter relay and overall ignition system are going to be unable to receive the transmission from the key signal. This leads to it taking several attempts of turning your key to get your Civic to start, so head over to AutoZone at the first sign of trouble. There's no reason to be inconvenienced when the right products are provided at the right prices at AutoZone. Other beneficial services you can take advantage of include Same Day Store Pickup and a Loan-a-Tool program for DIY installation.



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Work great


2 months ago

This ignition switch is great, easy to install and fit just right , i do recommend

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 98 Honda Civic

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perfect fit, perfect price


2 months ago

The whole process from choosing the right part, ordering and receiving the part was smooth and prompt add the fact the quality of the part was great made the autozone experience one I would recommend to anyone

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2001 Honda civic

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Problem solved!


5 months ago

A few months ago my girlfriend started having issues starting her car. All she would hear was a buzzing sound but the car would start after the 2nd try. The problem kept getting worse on her 2007 Honda Accord EXL but yesterday (4/14/18) it took me about ten times to start her car. It got so annoying that I had to do something so we did a search and found the issue to be the Starter Switch (Ignition Starter Switch, Autozone P/N LS1182) from what the video showed. With hope I immediately search the part at Autozone and saw it said "In Stock" at my store (they had one left). Drove to store and got it. Installed last night around 9PM. It took me about an hour since it was at night. Overall it was an easy install. Fired up the car about 5 times with no issues. This morning my girlfriend started the car with no problems at all. If she has any issues I'm sure I'll hear about it but I'm sure this purchase did the trick. Thanks Autozone!

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2008 Honda Civic SI Sedan