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Odyssey Performance Series 24M725 Group Size 24 Dual Purpose Marine and RV Battery 725 CCA

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Odyssey Battery1042857
Part # 24M725
SKU # 1042857
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Part #24M725
SKU #1042857
Battery TechnologyAbsorbed Glass Mat (AGM)
BCI Group Size24
Reserve Capacity113min
Cranking Amperage825A
Terminal TypeMarine
Negative Terminal LocationTop Right Front
Cold Cranking Amperage725A
Positive Terminal LocationTop Left Front
Product Bulletins
ODYSSEY® Marine Dual-Purpose AGM batteries with Thin Plate Pure Lead technology (TPPL) provide premium power for boats and RV’s. The plates are constructed of 99.99% pure lead - not lead alloy to help deliver twice the overall power and three times the life of most conventional flooded lead-acid marine batteries.  ODYSSEY® batteries are also known for reliability, even after long periods of storage. Their military inspired design and rugged construction enable them to perform in rough, choppy waters or in the rugged backcountry while on an adventure bound vacation with the family.   ODYSSEY® batteries also have one of the fastest recharge rates compared to other sealed batteries on the market, and due to their deep cycling capabilities of TPPL technology, ODYSSEY® batteries can also recover from deep discharges that can occur out on the water or out in the great outdoors.
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    Massive deep cycle reserve power for increased on-board accessories
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    Designed and built to last up to 3X as long as conventional batteries
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    Longer service life - 3 to 10 years
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    Dual-Purpose design enable ODYSSEY® batteries to start the engine while also powering everything from trolling motors and fish finders to refrigerators and satellite TV’s
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    ODYSSEY® batteries can be stored for up to two years at temperatures of 77°F (25°C) or lower before they need recharging
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    Virtually maintenance free - no need to add water