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Gold Solenoid Switch F492G
  • Part # F492G
  • Warranty: 
Notes: Fender mounted solenoid.
Duralast Solenoid Switch SS304
  • Part # SS304
  • Warranty: 
Application: Engine VIN code "S"
Notes: 12 volt, O.E. replacement
Duralast Solenoid Switch SS386
  • Part # SS386
  • Warranty: 
Application: With manual transmission, Japan model (VIN begins with J)
Duralast Solenoid Switch AM431
  • Part # AM431
  • Warranty: 
Application: Canada model, With manual transmission@Motorcraft ignition
Duralast Solenoid Switch SS327
  • Part # SS327
  • Warranty: 
Notes: OE replacement. Starter #1998562, 1998563, 1998559
Duralast Solenoid Switch AL436
  • Part # AL436
  • Warranty: 
Application: Gladiator, J100, J2500, J2600, J2700, J2800, J-3500 model
Notes: 12 volt, Autolite equipped
Duralast Relay F496
  • Part # F496
  • Warranty: 
Notes: Standard duty, With fender mounted solenoid, OE Replacement