Starter Solenoid

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    1-24 of 244 Results

    About Starter Solenoid

    No car works without the initial electrical jolt to crank the engine over. To get it delivered, you need a starter solenoid, a critical electromagnet that starts the chain reaction leading to internal combustion. When your car doesn't start, it may be that you need a replacement starter solenoid. AutoZone can help you find the best starter and starter system for your vehicle's make and model in no time at all.

    What Does a Starter Solenoid Do?

    Starter solenoids are vital components for automobiles. In short, starter solenoids are electromagnets that actuate or engage the starter motor for your vehicle's internal combustion engine. Starter solenoids are attached directly to starter motors, and they control starter motors throughout vehicle operations.

    Modern vehicles of all makes and models use starter solenoids to move the first or starter pinions so they properly engage with engine ring gears. Without a starter solenoid, your vehicle would not start up properly when you turned the key in your ignition.

    How to Choose the Best Starter Solenoid

    The best starter solenoid depends on your vehicle's make and model, which is why AutoZone allows you to filter by year, make, model, and engine size. You should also consider the materials a starter solenoid is made of. Gold starter solenoids are great choices for many drivers, but others may be designed for consistent performance or longevity.

    Regardless, you can pick up your chosen starter solenoid, plus accessories like AutoZone car batteries, at AutoZone with Same-Day In-Store Pickup or Curbside Pickup. For even more convenience, choose a part that's eligible for Free Next-Day Delivery.