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Hearing a click when you used to hear your engine roar? Put a stop to starting trouble with a new starter from AutoZone. With top notch options from ACDelco and Duralast, and economical choices from Valucraft, we have what it takes to get your engine cranking again. Get free next day delivery, or pick up a new car starter at your local AutoZone today.

Get the best new or remanufactured starter motors at AutoZone. ACDelco and Duralast parts are built to provide torque that meets or exceeds OE specifications, and they are triple tested to ensure that you can be confident every time you turn the key in your ignition. We also sell economical choices from Valucraft, which are remanufactured to meet minimum starting requirements for the value conscious consumer.

Cranking the engine is easy with a high-torque starter, and ours are built with only new wear components. Our Duralast Gold starters are built from 100% new components to meet the highest quality standards.

Engines need suction to get started. When you turn the ignition, your vehicle’s electrical system transfers some of your car battery’s electrical power to the starter motor. The electric motor turns, pulling fuel-air mixture into the cylinders so that the spark plugs can begin combustion. Your vehicle’s ignition switch also features a return spring to turn the motor off once the engine has revved. The return spring helps conserve electricity, as the starter motor consumes a lot. It also protects the motor, as the force of the engine combined with a turning motor could destroy the starter.

When you have starting trouble, it’s time to come to AutoZone. We sell starters for every major automobile, so if you need a Honda Accord starter, just enter your Accord’s year, make, model, and engine up above and we’ll find the part you need. If you need parts for another car it works the same way. When it's time for the DIY replacement, check out our guide on how to replace your starter.

Here at AutoZone, we take care of people who take care of their cars, so no matter what parts you need to start your car, we have what it takes to do the job right.