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Prestone DOT 3 Brake Fluid 32 ounce

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Part # AS410
SKU # 1083029
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Part #AS410
SKU #1083029
Minimum Dry Boiling Point496Deg. F
DOT RatingDOT 3
Minimum Wet Boiling Point284Deg. F
Flash Point>215Deg. F
Product Bulletins
Prestone® MAX DOT 3 Motor Vehicle Brake Fluid is our highest grade formula, maximizing performance vs. DOT standard. Prestone MAX is our best brake fluid at protecting against overheating and brake fade. With 100,000 mile fluid life, our longest life fluid has 2X more miles between replacement than regular Prestone DOT 3. Prestone MAX has superior performance in severe braking conditions when compared to regular Prestone DOT 3, which means even more peace of mind about the braking system. This synthetic fluid starts with our highest dry boiling point giving our best protection against performance decline due to water absorption. Prestone MAX DOT 3 is safe to use in all DOT 3 braking systems, ABS, disc or drum, and can mix with any DOT 3 fluid. Mixing Prestone MAX with other fluids will lower the performance rating for miles and boil points, for best results replace completely with Prestone MAX DOT 3. It is recommended to only use the DOT fluid specified for your car. Using a different DOT product can affect the boiling point or replacement interval if the wrong fluid is used.
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    100,000 Mile Fluid Life
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    Prevent Overheating & Brake Fade with Our Highest Grade Formula. Prevents corrosion of all metals within the braking system.*
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    Superior Protection in Extreme Braking Conditions
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    Synthetic, Long Life Formula - 2X Longer than regular Prestone DOT 3