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1-24 of 28 Results


      Power Steering Fluid and Additive

      Is It Time for More Power Steering Fluid and Additive?

      Your vehicle's fluids are of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to your power steering system. Power steering fluid is mandatory to the proper operation of your power steering system because it controls the hydraulics that make turning your wheel an easy task. Having the best power steering fluid and additives for cars and trucks on your side helps ensure you're able to top off these crucial fluids at every service interval and that your steering is always smooth, easy and predictable when you're on the move.

      Why Replace It?

      As is the case with any of your vehicle's other fluids, your power steering fluid will need to be changed now and again in order to ensure long-lasting and reliable performance. Over time, smaller parts of your steering system (such as O-rings) break down, and the residual debris contaminates your existing fluid and makes your steering less effective. Draining the ruined fluid and replacing it is the best way to combat the potential issues caused by this breakdown of components, and it's recommended to follow the instructions in your car or truck's manual regarding how often this bit of maintenance can be completed. Failure to complete this step as recommended can result in hundreds of dollars' worth of damage to your system and lead to highly unsafe driving conditions for you and your passengers.

      Additives Make a Difference

      Consider using additives when changing out or topping off your power steering fluid. These products are designed to work alongside your fluid to get you the best, most long-lasting performance out of your ride. Some products include a stop-leak feature that helps to prevent harmful leaks from the inside, which, again, can save you a huge amount of money over the course of a few years. Fluid with a repair additive clean out mucky or otherwise damaged hydraulic systems, giving you a smoother, cleaner steering experience all around. Many fluids can be purchased with additives already incorporated, but in some cases these products can be purchased and added separately to give you more thorough control over the results.

      The Cost Is in Your Favor

      Price-wise, this project is a relatively cheap one. The fluid, is, in fact, the cheapest part of your entire power steering system, and replacing it as recommended can help you protect much more expensive parts like your power steering pump from potential damage while you're on the road. We offer the lowest prices on power steering fluid and additives to help you save big, so you can get the steering experience you need without breaking the bank. However, the project also involves a considerable amount of know-how when it comes to poking around under the hood, so if your experience is limited, it's a good idea to reach out to us or to a trusted friend or family member for a bit of advice regarding a proper change. For low prices and all the help you need, search “power steering fluid and additives near me” and find the closest AutoZone location.