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1-24 of 5455 Results

    1-24 of 5455 Results

    About Brake Caliper

    AutoZone Has the Perfect Brake Caliper for Your Car
    Find the best front brake calipers for cars and trucks online or in-store at your local AutoZone. Choose from a selection of original or aftermarket calipers for your vehicle. These specialized parts are customized for a particular set of vehicles, so find the right part for the right job today. Brake calipers operate with your disc brake system to effectively slow or stop your vehicle.

    A Big Job

    Brake fluid flows to your calipers and pushes the brake pad against the rotor. Effective calipers are responsive and easily glide back and forth. Sudden stops require quick caliper action. Whether your vehicle is four-wheel-drive or front-wheel-drive, these front brake calipers are an essential component to your vehicle. Consistent maintenance of your brake pads, brake fluid and rotors helps prevent damage to your calipers.

    How to Know It's Time for Something New

    Look for these signs that your brake calipers need replaced. The most obvious sign is your brake light. If this indicator is lit, some component in your brake system isn't working properly. One minor repair, if left, can quickly escalate, so ensure you keep up with quality preventative maintenance and repairs. Another tell-tale sign of a faulty caliper is grinding or metallic squealing. Whether you're accelerating or applying your brakes, any of these grating sounds could be a sign of a damaged caliper. Whether an object is lodged in the caliper, it's rusted and corroded or it has been damaged from a collision, choose a replacement caliper and quickly restore your responsive brakes. A corroded caliper could easily seize up and refuse to operate. This could be incredibly dangerous, as the brake pad wouldn't press against the rotor to slow or stop your vehicle. Routine inspection of your brake systems, including your calipers, is essential for safe driving.

    Complex Parts, Easy Shopping

    From the levers and springs to the innovative bleeder screws and durable coating, every component of these calipers is engineered with the ultimate precision. Choose a product that offers a competitive warranty, excellent cost and provides reliable performance year after year. The best calipers are designed to handle extreme conditions without cracking or seizing. Front brake calipers at AutoZone come with the installation hardware you need for a quick turnaround. Don't spend days in the shop waiting for a missing part or attempting complicated repairs. Whether you're a DIY auto enthusiast or taking your vehicle to your local mechanic, enjoy long-lasting performance and great prices from AutoZone.

    Shop Here Today

    The best front brake calipers not only use the highest quality materials, they go through individual pressure testing and performance checks to ensure only the best calipers are used. Find the lowest prices on front brake calipers today at AutoZone. Stop by your local store or browse our extensive online catalog for front brake calipers near me. Keep your vehicle running day in and day out.