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AGS BLFA-4 Master Cylinder Adapter Fitting Assortment

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American Grease Stick (AGS)183647
Part # BLFA-4
SKU # 183647
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Part #BLFA-4
SKU #183647
Fitting MaterialBrass
AGS Fitting Assortments are designed for specialty and general repair shops. Each assortment contains a specific collection of fast moving fittings that should be kept on hand when working with automotive hydraulic braking systems. Assortments are packaged in shatter-resistant, see-through plastic trays. Locator labels on the inside lid make locating, selecting, and re-filling quick and easy. Master Cylinder Adapter Assortment - 9 SKU. Nine of the most popular master cylinder adapters for Domestic vehicles. Adapt different sized port openings on master cylinders to standard 3/16in and 1/4in Domestic brake systems. Also includes adapters for converting between 5/16in and 3/8in port sizes.
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    9 SKU Master Cylinder Fitting Assortment
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    Tight connections every time.
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    Recommended uses: Copper, Brass, and Iron.