Honda Brake Pads

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1-24 of 213 Results

    1-24 of 213 Results

    About Honda Brake Pads

    It's fun to drive your Honda, but eventually you'll need to bring it to a halt. Stopping power comes from the friction produced between your Honda brake pads and the rotors, causing enough drag to slow your vehicle. If you're having trouble braking or there's excessive noise, the repair is often simply replacing brake pads. At AutoZone, you'll find a diverse selection of brake parts to make your vehicle safe and enjoyable to drive.

    Indications of Good Brake Pads

    Not all brake pads are created equal. Different compounds comprise the friction material, and a good quality set of brake pads will work just like the originals or even better. Quiet brakes with no brake fade or chattering is a great sign, and you'll responsive brake feel right away. When you choose good Honda brakes, there's never a question if you'll stop in time in an emergency.

    How to Choose the Best Brake Pads

    The only parts on your car that help you stop should be dependable and meet your performance needs. To find the best brake pads, look to ceramic brake pads for quiet, long-lasting wear or semi-metallic brakes for a more affordable option with a little more noise. For economic brake pads that are quiet, select organic Honda brake pads.

    At AutoZone, get Trustworthy Advice from an associate on the best brakes for your Honda. Choose from top brands like Duralast and Brembo that fit according to your year, model, and engine size, and get quick service with Free Next-Day Delivery or Same-Day In-Store or Curbside Pickup on eligible orders.