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1-24 of 208 Results

1-24 of 208 Results


      Hyundai Brake Pads

      More important than the thrilling acceleration you experience in your Hyundai is the need to stop. Your brake pads are intended to create friction with the brake rotor, pulling momentum away from your wheels. They're wearable parts, which means they eventually need to be replaced. Dependable stops come from high-quality Hyundai brake pads, and you'll find quite the range available at AutoZone.

      Upgrading Your Hyundai Brake Pads

      If you're not getting the performance out of your brakes that you desire, even if they aren't worn out yet, why not upgrade to a set that's better than OEM? Most factory-equipped brakes are semi-metallic for their affordability while still performing decent, but there can be better options out there. For a softer feel and low noise, look for organic brake pads while long-lasting ceramic brake pads that seldom fade are a popular choice for drivers. Whatever you choose, they're available from AutoZone.

      Signs of Failing Brake Pads

      Are your brakes operating differently than they used to? It could be time to replace your Hyundai brake pads. Common symptoms of failing pads can include longer stopping distances, squealing or grinding noises when you apply the brakes, or vibration in the car or steering wheel when you press the pedal. You might also notice acrid burning smells.

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