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Get an exact fit for your Infiniti Q45
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1-16 of 16 Results


      Infiniti Q45 Brake Pads

      Have you ever been on the road and suddenly realized that you couldn’t stop your vehicle as effectively? This could be the case when the brake pads for your Infiniti Q45 have worn out and are close to failing. Failed brake pads result in a loss of braking power, making it difficult to bring your vehicle to a halt. Brake pads lose stopping power because of wear and tear, exposure to excessive heat or moisture, or low-grade material. If you’re looking for replacement brake pads, you can get them at AutoZone.

      Pressing your brake pedals causes the pads to clamp down on the discs, causing friction and slowing the car down. Although brake pads are made of friction materials, the heat generated by this friction is what typically wears them down. Your Infiniti Q45 brake pads replacement cost depends on a few factors, like the quality of the new pad and how many pads you’re replacing. It’s best to choose high-quality pads, even if the initial cost is on the higher side since they will last longer and perform better.

      AutoZone stocks front and rear brake pads for your car from trusted brands like Duralast. With options like Free Next Day Delivery, you can get back on the road for a smooth ride in no time.