Nissan/Datsun Murano Brake Pads

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1-23 of 23 Results

    1-23 of 23 Results

    About Nissan/Datsun Murano Brake Pads

    If you're experiencing brake fade or a brake pedal that requires lots of pressure to get the car to stop, you might have worn-out brake pads on your hands. Brake fade typically occurs when the brake pads overheat and take a long time to bring the car to a halt. If your brake pedal feels spongy or inconsistent, it might be time to replace the brake pads, and you can pick up Nissan Murano brake pads at AutoZone for a great price.

    Apart from fitment, you need to pay attention to the material when buying brake pads. Organic brake pads used to be the norm but metal compounds and even ceramics are common. Semi-metallic pads, offer the best of both worlds by having great stopping power and affordability. Ceramics are usually slightly dearer on the wallet but offer quieter operation and reduced brake dust generation. Nissan Murano brake pads replacement cost fluctuates depending on numerous factors, with some options starting at under $40 per axle, but AutoZone makes the right fit easy to find.

    Buy new brake pads for your Nissan Murano at AutoZone, as well as any other parts and fluids you might need. Free Next Day Delivery gets your parts in hand quickly so you can focus on driving soon.