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1-24 of 77 Results


      Subaru Brake Pads

      Brake pads help your vehicle come to a stop and when they stop working you'll smell something burning or notice a screeching sound. If your Subaru is experiencing these problems and it's becoming harder to stop, it's time to replace the brake pads. Brake pads are attached to the caliper and press against the rotor, which creates enough friction to stop your car. Without brake pads, the caliper grinds against the rotor and causes extensive damage. Thankfully, AutoZone has plenty of brake pads for your Subaru.

      Brake pads need to be replaced every 30,000 to 70,000 miles depending on the type of pads. There is a wide range because it varies based on how you drive and the type of brake pads you have. Subaru brake pad replacement cost starts at around $30 for each axle, and keep in mind that you might need new brake rotors too if they've been badly grooved or are rusted.

      When it's time to replace your Subaru brake pads, AutoZone is the best place to shop. You'll find plenty of high-quality brake pads from well-known brands like Duralast, and getting your new brake pads is simple with Free Next Day Delivery on eligible orders.