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Brake Pads

Restore your ride’s stopping power with new brake pads from AutoZone. We carry genuine OE parts, better than OE parts from Brembo and Duralast, and economical options from Valucraft. Buy online for free shipping with next day delivery or pick up your parts today at an AutoZone near you.

Why change your brake pads?
If your car won’t stop as fast as it used to, or if it’s been driven ~40,000 miles since your last brake job, it’s likely time to change your pads. Stop confidently with new brake pads from AutoZone. We carry a variety of pads that meet or exceed OE performance. Learn about the different types with our brake pad buyer's guide. Boost your vehicle’s stopping power while saving on your brake pad replacement cost with free next day shipping or pick them up in an AutoZone near you today.

Changing brake pads is a crucial part of routine maintenance for your vehicle. Each pad presses against a rotor, and the friction generated by your pads and rotors brings your car to a stop. This friction also wears on the surface of your pads, reducing your brake pad thickness. Worn brake pads struggle to stop your car, and they can even damage your rotors. Put a stop to damage down the road with new brake pads from AutoZone. If you're not sure how, check out this guide to changing brake pads.

The side of the pad is covered with what is called the friction surface. The friction surface is made from materials like ceramic and carbon fiber which can absorb high amounts of heat and have a high friction coefficient. This allows the pads to convert rotational energy from the rotor into heat energy, which is absorbed by the pads and wears them out over time.

Signs of bad brake pads?
Signs of bad brake pads include squealing, pulsing in the brake pedal, and a dash warning light. Any of these symptoms should be addressed immediately with an inspection of your vehicle’s brake system to ensure that you can stop safely. If you’re inspecting brake pads, look for a smooth, level friction surface. A friction surface that is not level will not make consistent contact with the rotor, costing you stopping power.

What types of brake pads does AutoZone carry?
We carry all kinds of carbon fiber, ceramic brake pads, and more. We are a one stop shop where you can get pads and brake grease, or anything else for your next brake job. Whether you need affordable brake pads with standard performance, Duralast Gold brake pads with a limited lifetime warranty, Duralast GT Street pads with race-proven stopping performance, or anything in-between, AutoZone has what it takes to do the job right.

Buy the best brake pads online at and get free next day delivery or pick them up today in a store near you.