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Get an exact fit for your Infiniti I30

1-2 of 2 Results

1-2 of 2 Results


      Infiniti I30 Brake Power Booster

      Your luxury sedan is efficient, and safety is at the heart of maintaining that efficiency. An Infiniti I brake power booster increases your car's stopping capacity. It's a vacuum assist system that increases your vehicle's response when the brake pedal is pushed.

      The main symptom of power brake booster failure is a high, hard pedal that requires greater than normal pedal pressure to stop the vehicle. You also may notice that it takes a longer distance than usual to stop your vehicle. A brake booster for Infiniti I decreases how much pedal pressure is needed to stop your car. Trustworthy advice provided by helpful staff is one of many ways AutoZone provides you with what's needed to get your car running smoothly.