Dodge Dakota Brake Rotor

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1-16 of 16 Results

    1-16 of 16 Results

    About Dodge Dakota Brake Rotor

    Your mid-size Dakota pick-up provides a smooth drive whenever you're behind the wheel. Don't let vibrating brakes shake it up by upgrading to performance Dodge Dakota brake rotors from AutoZone. They're precisely machined and balanced, allowing them to last longer than factory rotors without developing the tremors.

    Power is important when you drive a truck, and that includes your ability to stop quickly. A Dakota brake rotor features higher carbon content, so heat is dissipated more evenly. Hot gases are vented away from the rotor, and brake pad deposits are less likely to form. Toss those warped rotors and install quality brake rotors for Dodge Dakota. AutoZone stocks the components you need, so you’re sure to find the best replacement for your make and model when you shop our extensive selection. Order online and opt for Same Day Store Pickup when you want to do the job today, or choose delivery and get Free Next Day Delivery for eligible orders over $35 or more.



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    Don;t last much after warranty


    in 3 years

    Very light materials compared to old ones that lasted over 15 years,, (yes 15 years) Replaced along with calibers and I am having to do it all again because the rotors are warped.. Pulsating when brake is applied,, I also had to swap put the inner races because they were made of softer bearing materials than the ones I purchased to getting them out was a little fun,, (Put them in the freezer and they tapped out) The replacements are heavier then the ones I threw away.. only time will see if they last.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? Dodge Dakota

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    in a year

    I replaced my old brake rotors with the new brake rotors. The old brake rotors were damages by the brakes and caliper being stuck . Now everything works fine.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2005 Dodge Dakota

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    No complaints


    in 6 months

    Pare these with a set of the new copper free brake pads and your vehicle will stop on a dime

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 07 dodge dakota