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Get an exact fit for your Dodge Neon
Don't forget your Brake Pads!  Save 15% on the complete brake job with Duralast®

1-11 of 11 Results

1-11 of 11 Results


      Dodge Neon Brake Rotor

      Getting behind the wheel of your Dodge Neon is always fun, thanks to its fine-tuned handling and sporty exterior. But, vibrating brakes detract from your driving experience significantly. Replace compromised braking components before your stopping power is affected by installing AutoZone's performance Dodge Neon brake rotors to prevent the wear and tear.

      Improper heat distribution and dissipation results in warped brake rotors and excess brake pad deposits that cause brake vibration. The only way to fix this problem is to replace the brake rotors for your Ford Escort from AutoZone. Top-quality brake rotors are made from higher carbon material meant to last longer and improve performance. Our quality rotors are also machined and balanced more precisely to reduce vibrations and promote longer, smoother brake life. If you order your replacement from AutoZone then you can benefit from , along with our Same Day Store Pickup option.