GMC Envoy Brake Rotor

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1-12 of 12 Results

    1-12 of 12 Results

    About GMC Envoy Brake Rotor

    Your GMC Envoy provides you with the comfort and dependability you expect from a top-of-its-class SUV. Keep it that way by using performance brake rotor replacements whenever the need arises. Performance GMC Envoy brake rotors from AutoZone provide an edge by working more efficiently, providing better stopping power and a longer lifespan.

    Each performance Envoy brake rotor from AutoZone is precision machined for better balance, decreasing vibration and heat output during braking. They’re also made with a higher carbon content and an enhanced gas venting design. This decreases the excess heat produced and ensures more even wear across your braking system. Shop online with AutoZone and take advantage of Same Day Store Pickup or enjoy Free Next Day Delivery for eligible orders over $35 or more. You also have the opportunity to take advantage of our Loan-a-Tool program if you need to make sure you have all the right equipment the next time you visit your local store.



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    Good service,good price,parts that will last.


    in a year

    I really haven't found anything that I would say that I disliked. I bought both rotor for the front of my Pontiac G6 which is my baby, and I won't put junk on this car.. I never buy the cheapest nor do I buy the most expensive. I buy in the middle, and your Duralast Rotors have always fit the bill for me on all 4 of my vehicles. They last under normal use very well

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? Well 2009 Pontiac G6 GT, 2004 GMC Envoy, 2022 Honda SUV, and my Ford Ranger

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    Rotors 2009 envoy


    in a year

    Works great as it should. Don't forget to clean the rotor before installing.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2009 GMC Envoy

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    Brake Caliper saved the day..


    in 7 months

    Thank God I got the caliper replaced because it's very dangerous to drive without front brakes.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2004 GMC Envoy SLT