Hyundai Tiburon Brake Rotor

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    1-14 of 14 Results

    About Hyundai Tiburon Brake Rotor

    Feeling a tooth-shaking vibration when you brake, or maybe a grinding sensation when you press the brake pedal? These are common indications that your Hyundai Tiburon brake rotors may be in rough shape and due for a change. This can have a serious effect on your stopping distance you could lose control when it gets really bad. Fortunately, changing your rotors is a straightforward part of any brake job. AutoZone carries top-tier brake rotors from trusted brands like Duralast, designed to fit your car just like the original equipment.

    Replacing the brake rotors for your Hyundai Tiburon is important when symptoms are present including deep gouges, excessive rust, bluing, or uneven wear. Typically, you'll get around two brake pad changes per set of rotors, but that's not always the case. Getting high-quality parts helps rotors to last longer, and performance rotors tend to have a longer lifespan with less warping and vibration, plus they can help reduce your stopping distance too. Not sure which rotors are right for you? We make it easy to find the best fit.

    AutoZone has everything you need to get your vehicle back to stopping how it should, including Hyundai Tiburon front and rear brake rotors. With handy services like Free Next Day Delivery, you don't have to leave home to get the parts you need.



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    Perfect match


    in a year

    Disk fit perfectly and you get a 2 year warranty on tip of that can't go wrong with then

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? Hyundai tiburon 2008 gs

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    Always duralast


    in a year

    I always use this brand . It does the job but doesn’t always stay new looking.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 07 Hyundai Tiburon