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Duralast Brake Rotor 54123
  • Part # 54123
  • SKU # 838117
  • Location: Front
Notes: Rotor only, *Replace in pairs for best performance
Duralast Gold Brake Rotor 54123DG
  • Part # 54123DG
  • SKU # 539305
  • Location: Front
Notes: Rotor only, *Higher Carbon Content for maximum heat dissipation, quieter braking, and longer life *Z-Clad coating for superior rust protection and enhanced appearance *Replace in pairs for best performance
Brembo Brake Rotor 09A40111
  • Part # 09A40111
  • SKU # 765143
  • Location: Front
Notes: Vented rotor. Quantity per car: 2. Recommend replacement in pairs


2011 Mercury Mariner Brake Rotor

Your ability to stop safely and dependably depends on your braking system, and the system is only as strong as each 2011 Mercury Mariner brake rotor. When you press the pedal, the pads squeeze these discs to generate friction and stop the vehicle, but this friction will wear the rotors, making the rotors and the braking system at large less effective. Inspect your rotors every time you inspect or work on your brakes, and replace them if you notice signs of wear. When it's time for new ones, AutoZone is your one stop shop for 2011 Mariner brake rotors. We carry parts that meet or exceed OE performance, and we offer free next day delivery or same day pick up at a store near you when you shop online.