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Duralast Brake Rotor 78032DL

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Part # 78032DL
SKU # 470265
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Part #78032DL
SKU #470265
Solid Or Vented Type RotorVented
Surface TypeSmooth
Outside Diameter339.9mm
ABS Tone Ring IncludedNo
Grade TypeRegular
Mounting Bolt Hole Circle Diameter112mm
Discard Thickness27mm
Stud/Lug Hole Quantity9
Overall Height49.8mm
Duralast Brake Rotors are designed to match the performance and safety of your original rotors. They feature a noise-eliminating, non-directional finish that reduces break-in and high-strength alloy for long life. The coated hat and edge also provides superior rust protection. All Duralast Rotors are backed by a 2-year, full-replacement warranty.
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    Meets OE fit, form, and function
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    High-strength alloy for long life
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    Engineered to reduce brake noise
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    Coated hat and edge provides rust protection
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    Backed by 2-year, full-replacement warranty
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    Replace with new brake pads for best performance
Duralast® Stopping Starts with Duralast

Original equipment (OE) comparison

Meets OE

Exceeds OE

Truck & towing specific


2-year, full-replacement

3-year, full-replacement

90 day warranty

Stopping power*

OE-matched performance

OE-matched performance

Advanced friction formulation

Corrosion resistance


Full z-clad zinc coating

Powder-coated backing plate

Noise-free guarantee*




Price range




*When paired with
equivalent Duralast Pads.

Duralast Rotors. Direct OE replacement for smooth quiet stopping power

*Source: Circana Group, L.P. / Checkout Automotive Tracking, 12 months ending December 2022

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Car Brakes

Car brakes work by leveraging three main principles of physics: leverage, hydraulics, and friction.

Inspect and replace rotors

When changing your brake pads, be sure to inspect and replace your rotors and hardware if necessary to ensure optimal braking performance.

Wear indicator light

If your brakes squeal until you press the pedal down, it may be your wear indicator telling you to change your pads.

brake pads and brake rotors


Replace brake pads and rotors together for longer life and more stopping power.

Longer Life
Older rotors can seriously damage new pads, causing premature noise, vibration and wear.

Stopping Power
Replacing brake pads and rotors at the same time is critical for peak braking performance and safety.

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