Pontiac GTO Brake Rotor

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1-6 of 6 Results

    1-6 of 6 Results

    About Pontiac GTO Brake Rotor

    Your Pontiac GTO needs to be able to stop and go as you please. Old brake rotors keep you from achieving that kind of precision, so finding new Pontiac GTO brake rotors at AutoZone is your best bet at regaining the quality, smooth ride you've come to enjoy.

    Old, rusted brake rotors cause your GTO to vibrate when you apply the brakes. That creates an uncomfortable driving experience for you and your passengers. New brake rotors for Pontiac GTO from AutoZone are machined and balanced more precisely to reduce vibrations and promote a longer, smoother brake life. They also effectively vent hot gases away from the rotors, allowing for better cooling. If you want your Trans Am to stay on the road as long as possible, this simple maintenance replacement gets you the results you need. Shop online and take advantage of Free Next Day Delivery for eligible orders over $35 or more, or stop by your local AutoZone and choose the best brake rotors for your make and model.