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Get an exact fit for your Saab 93
Don't forget your Brake Pads!  Save 15% on the complete brake job with Duralast®

1-21 of 21 Results

1-21 of 21 Results


      Saab 93 Brake Rotor

      Your Saab 9-3 has provided you with reliable transportation when you need it most. You also need your brake system to function properly, and warped rotors get in the way of keeping you on the road. Replacing your old Saab 9-3 brake rotors with new ones at AutoZone is how you continue to enjoy your durable Saab.

      Over time, brake rotors become warped due to high heat and build-up of brake pad deposits. These worn-out Subaru Outback brake rotors don't just cause a lot of vibration, but they also compromise your ability to stop when necessary. Installing performance rotors restores your braking ability to keep you and your passengers safe. An Outback brake rotor available at AutoZone is constructed with higher carbon content and is balanced more accurately than a standard rotor, and thus lasts longer.