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PowerStop Performance Brake Pads PSA-1668

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Part # PSA-1668
SKU # 1092392
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Chamfered Edges
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Mounting Hardware Included
Brake Lubricant Included
If you are an experienced track day enthusiast running R-Compound tires, or are competing in a spec racing series such as Spec Miata and want the ultimate performance brake pads, then look no further than Power Stop Track Day Spec brake pads. The Power Stop research and development team spent countless hours matching the right pad compound to each individual vehicle platform so you don't have to spend countless track days figuring it out yourself. These platform-specific brake pads have an excellent coefficient of friction and resist fade during the rigors of your favorite track day event or competitive spec racing series.
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    Official brakes of the Radford Racing School
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    Good coefficient of friction when cold, maximum performance when hot.
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    Superior pedal feel
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    Very consistent and stable modulation
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    Designed for off-road use on racing circuits. Not recommended for street use due to potential for increased wear and noise.
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    Stage 2 brake pad for advanced track day enthusiasts or spec racing series
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    Aggressive metallic pad compound
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    Includes Premium hardware and pin bushings for easy installation
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