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PowerStop Performance Brake Pads Z26-1867

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Part # Z26-1867
SKU # 1112245
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Part #Z26-1867
SKU #1112245
Chamfered EdgesYes
Outer Pad Friction Material Thickness18.2mm
Grade TypePerformance
Inner Pad Overall Thickness18.2mm
Mounting Hardware IncludedYes
Brake Lubricant IncludedYes
Abutment Clips IncludedNo
Outer Pad Overall Thickness18.2mm
Friction Surface ScorchedYes
Friction Material CompositionCarbon Fiber Ceramic
Pad Shims IncludedYes
Inner Pad Friction Material Thickness18.2mm
Pad Wear Sensor IncludedNO
The Power Stop Z26 Street Warrior ceramic brake pads are designed as an upgrade over stock brakes to reduce brake dust & eliminate noise on muscle cars and performance vehicles. These brake pads are made with a low-dust ceramic formula, infused with carbon-fiber to strengthen the compound and provide extreme stopping power. Premium stainless-steel hardware along with ceramic brake lubricant is included with the Z26 brake pads making it easier to complete your brake job. Use Z26 Street Warrior ceramic brake pads to give your muscle car or performance vehicle the extreme stopping power it deserves.
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    Thermal scorched pad surface for a fast break-in
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    Chamfered and slotted to ensure noise free braking
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    Positive mold technology for consistent wear and performance
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    Includes premium stainless-steel hardware and ceramic brake lubricant for easy installation
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    Multi-layer stainless-steel shims for increased heat dissipation & virtually noise-free braking
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    Carbon-fiber ceramic formula to provide extreme stopping power for street-driven muscle cars and performance vehicles
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    Powder coated backing plate resists rust and corrosion to provide extended pad life
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    Low dust formulation verified in 3rd party on-vehicle testing
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