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1-24 of 128 Results


      Pin Boot Kit - Front

      Pin Boot Kits for Disc Brakes

      Pin boot kits contain suspension bushings for use on front or back disc brakes. Most front pin boot kits include rubber bushings and may also contain caps. A front or back pin boot kit can make it easier to complete a full brake job and ensure that slide pins stay protected to prevent seizing, excessive heat and brake system damage. AutoZone carries the best front pin boot kit for cars and trucks from Duralast.

      Front and Back Pin Boots

      In general, pin boots help to reduce brake noise and prevent premature wear on critical components in a disc brake system. This system relies on a brake caliper that clamps down on pads to produce friction against the brake rotor. Floating brake calipers make it possible to apply both brake pads and release the brakes when pressure is removed from the brake pedal. The floating caliper body is bolted to two greased slide pins. Pin boots protect the bores of these pins from moisture and road debris and contain grease.

      Pin boots are present in the front and back disc brakes on a vehicle. These protective parts can wear out over time and permit dirt and water to penetrate. Over time, this may cause slide pins to seize. It is necessary to replace damaged or worn pin boots. Depending on the extent of the damage heat buildup causes to pads and rotors, a full brake job may be necessary.

      Save On Brake Parts and Kits

      AutoZone has the lowest prices on front pin boot kit parts, back pin boot kits, and other components such as hoses, lines, calipers, pads and hardware for disc brake systems. If you only need to replace pin boots, you can find a set of caliper suspension bushings designed to fit the disc brakes in your car or truck.

      You are more likely to need a pin boot kit when performing more extensive brake repairs or a full brake job. If pin boots are damaged, it is likely that other disc brake components such as pads and even rotors or calipers may require replacement. Enter the year, make and model of your car or truck to see parts that fit this vehicle when browsing or searching in our online store. We also offer several options to get the parts you need as soon as possible.

      Fast Shipping and In Store Pickup

      We make it easy to order a front or back pin boot kit for in store pickup or delivery. Some items are eligible for next day home delivery. You may also save time by searching for a front pin boot kit near me to find out which kits and parts are currently in stock at the closest AutoZone store location.