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1-24 of 92 Results


      Pin Boot Kit - Rear

      Proper Alignment

      The best rear pin boot kit for cars and trucks ensure proper alignment of the brake caliper, the rotor and the brake pads. Regardless of the design or type of caliper, the pin boots sit around the slide pins that hold the caliper onto the brake rotor. Most modern calipers use a floating design and feature a bracket and the body of the caliper. Two pins hold it all together. Proper alignment is crucial for quick stops. Pin boots are made of rubber but come in a variety of designs to slide into the caliper holes around the slide pins for a secure hold. The metal slide pins keep the caliper operating as designed releasing the brakes when you step off the pedal. The rotor can warp and the brake pads can wear down when the brakes don't release properly due to a failed pin boot.

      Functional Brakes

      AutoZone pops up in a search for rear pin boot kit near me. We have everything you need to keep your brake system working properly. Stop on a dime or slow yourself down at high speeds with a brake system that functions the way it was designed. With so many pieces associated with the brake system, you may need to replace more than one part to keep the brakes working. Find brake fluid, calipers, disc brakes, drum brakes, rotors and brake pads in our stores. A warped rotor causes the pads to wear wrong and can make unnecessary grinding or high-pitched noises. Worn brake pads rely on metal on metal contact to stop the vehicle wearing down the rotor. Replacing brake rotors is more expensive than simply replacing brake pads. The least expensive replacement is the pin boots. A simple replacement that can save you hundreds of dollars in parts.

      Different Designs

      Find the lowest prices on rear pin boot kit at AutoZone. We carry multiple designs to fit the disc brakes on your make and model. With so many options to choose from, it can be daunting to select the right one. Our trained staff can quickly look up your vehicle and find the right one for you. These inexpensive parts keep the special grease around the caliper slide pins. The pins can seize up when foreign substances get inside it causing the brakes to drag. The longer you go without replacing them, the more damage is done to the other brake components due to high heat. Keep corroding substances out of your slide pins with the right pin boot kit. Not only can you safely stop your vehicle, but you can save tons of money by regularly checking the small parts. Consider including checking the pin boots as part of your annual car maintenance. If you're not sure what to look for, ask one of our knowledgeable staff members.