Power Brake Booster Check Valve

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    1-4 of 4 Results

    About Power Brake Booster Check Valve

    Find affordable replacement parts online or in a store near you. You can find the right fit by entering your vehicle's info at the top of this page, or by checking with an associate at your local AutoZone. We have replacement Brake Booster Check Valves for your car.

    Vacuum assisted Brake Boosters use a check valve to maintain vacuum in the brake booster. Under certain conditions intake manifold vacuum can drop, such as during hard acceleration, or if the engine should stall or shut off. If this part isn't working properly, your brakes won't either.

    The Brake Booster Check Valve acts as a one - way valve to prevent loss of vacuum in the brake booster, thereby helping to maintain power assisted brake operation.

    The Brake Booster Check Valve can be located on the Brake Booster assembly or mounted in the vacuum supply hose to the Brake Booster.

    When the Brake Booster Check Valve fails it will cause the Brake Booster to perform poorly and affect operation of the power assisted brakes resulting in a hard brake pedal and increased pedal effort required to stop the vehicle.

    The Check Valve can be easily tested after removal from the vehicle. Air should pass freely through the valve in one direction and not pass through in the opposite direction. If air passes through the valve in both directions or is blocked from passing through in both directions the Check Valve has failed and needs to be replaced.

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