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Duralast Relay 19997
  • Part # 19997
  • SKU # 221841
  • Warranty: 
Notes: 4 blade terminal, OEM #95224-29750. Yellow.
Duralast Relay 16416
  • Part # 16416
  • SKU # 595051
  • Warranty: 
Notes: 5 terminals
Duralast Relay 20817
  • Part # 20817
  • SKU # 867175
  • Warranty: 
Application: Base, Limited or Sport model
Duralast Relay 20350
  • Part # 20350
  • SKU # 953616
  • Warranty: 
Application: 2.5i, WRX or WRX STI mode
Duralast Relay 20780
  • Part # 20780
  • SKU # 953482
  • Warranty: 
Notes: OEM #95224-38050


Relay - Anti-Lock Brake Modulator

Your Best Source for ABS Components 
Anti-lock brakes are a key safety feature on modern vehicles, allowing drivers to navigate slick roads with greater confidence. However, your ABS doesn't do you any good if it doesn't function properly. Without it, you don't dare venture out onto the roads else you risk getting stranded or in a serious accident. Fortunately, you don't have to stay sidelined with its modulator relay malfunctions. Come to AutoZone, your source for the best anti-lock brake modulator for cars and trucks. Check out our selection of anti-lock brake modulator relays from top brands such as AC Delco and Duralast.

Common ABS Modulator Problems
The premise behind your vehicle's ABS is actually rather simple. A skidding wheel has far less traction than a stable one, so the goal of an ABS is to prevent that skidding and allow drivers to stop faster. A quicker stop translates to shorter distances traveled, thus a lower risk of sliding into objects, hitting other vehicles or spinning and slipping off the road. The ABS depends on many components working properly to do its job, including its fuses and relays. When a modulator starts to malfunction, your ABS light may come on. Yet you may notice others symptoms such as dragging brakes pulling your vehicle to one side, longer stop times and a brake pedal that must be pumped several times. The problem is, many of these signs can seem like problems with your vehicle's calipers, brake hoses or master cylinder.

The Best Parts From the Best Brands
You've done your homework, so you already know that your braking issue is due to an ABS modulator problem. That's why you looked for “anti-lock brake modulator near me.” Your search led you to AutoZone, America's most trusted retailer of auto components and accessories. Our inventory includes high-quality products from AC Delco, Valucraft and Duralast, our own specialty brand of automotive parts. Each ABS modulator is designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications for design, performance and reliability. Need it fast? Look for products marked with the “Free Next-Day Shipping” label.

Save Time and Money at AutoZone
You've now seen that AutoZone offers the lowest prices on your anti-lock brake modulator. Count on us for all the parts and accessories to get your vehicle back on the road or keep its exterior looking factory fresh. From brake shoes and rotors to waxes and cleansers, we're the one-stop shop for DIYers across the United States. AutoZone is also the top destination for drivers who need expert help. Your friendly neighborhood AutoZoners are always here to help you find a part, give you advice or help you diagnose a problem. Join our AutoZone Rewards program today and start earning savings on future purchases from your very first order.