Steel Tubing

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Steel Tubing

Durable Brake Lines
Brake lines made out of steel tubing do not swell and are more difficult to damage or puncture than softer materials. You can find the best steel tubing for cars and trucks by AGS at AutoZone and choose from NiCopp or Poly Armour materials. It is important to consider your driving style when selecting brake line material. A variety of materials are suitable for vehicles operated on streets and highways. If you venture off road, you may prefer to use lines made of double-wall, furnace-welded steel tubing.

Replace Corroded Tubing
Although steel tubing does not swell, this material still sustains damage over time. Most steel tubing is covered with a thin coating that is resistant to corrosion. Signs of rust may become apparent as this layer wears down. Surface rust is not likely to cause brake failure, but corrosion can eventually eat through brake lines.

A corroded brake line may become punctured or wear through, leading to loss of pressure and brake failure. It is advisable to replace all corroded or worn tubing on a high-mileage vehicle at the same time. Keep in mind that it is necessary to bend new tubing to match the shape of the brake lines that are being replaced. Use a tubing bender tool and make sure that the ends of the lines have proper fittings to achieve the right fit and a seal that does not leak. We make it easy to find tubing benders and other tools for replacing steel brake lines.

Save On Steel Tubing
AutoZone has the lowest prices on steel tubing made by the leading brands. While you should factor in the tubing material and price when selecting new brake lines, it is also important to consider the application, diameter and length of any tubing material. Search or browse our inventory to find a particular part number or narrow down your options based on the composition of the tubing material.

Steel tubing is not sold as a vehicle specific part, but the brake system in every vehicle make and model has unique requirements. It is important to match the size and shape of brake lines you replace.

You should also only use tubing material approved for automotive brake line use.

Quick Shipping or Pick Up
We make it easy to get everything you need to do a brake job and replace steel brake lines. Search for steel tubing near me to see the options available at surrounding AutoZone locations. You can select fast delivery or pick up options when shopping at our online store. Some items qualify for next day delivery, and others can quickly be shipped to your door. It is also possible to arrange to pick up steel tubing at the most convenient store location.