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Brakeware Wheel Cylinder 30229
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Brakeware Wheel Cylinder 30229

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Part # 30229
SKU # 614369
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Part #
Brake Line Inlet Thread Diameter
M10 X 1.0
Bore Diameter
1.188 In.
Casting Material
Cast Iron

Direct replacement Wheel Cylinders are designed to fit specific vehicle applications and to ensure a proper fit every time. Normal wear may cause piston seals to leak. Corrosion and pitting can also occur inside Wheel Cylinders as moisture builds up in the brake fluid. A leaky Wheel Cylinder can be dangerous to the driver, causing gradual softening of the brake pedal and creating brake pull to one side.

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    All Wheel Cylinders are made with high quality EPDM rubber cups and boots for long lasting performance
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    Due to repair time and cost, it is more desirable to replace instead of repair Wheel Cylinders
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    Wheel Cylinder bores are surface tested to ensure an optimum sealing surface for the pressure cups
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    Recommended replacement is suggested when servicing drum brake