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Castrol: Better Oil for Maximum Protection. New look coming soon

Castrol® EDGE® is our strongest engine oil and has the strength to maintain a protective layer of oil between engine parts at all times.

Castrol Edge Oils - Better oil for maximum performance. 10x better performance makes a big difference*. *Based on Seq IIIH vs. API SP test limits.
6x better protection makes a big difference*. *Based on Seq IVA vs latest test limits. Castrol GTX oils - better oil for maximum protection.
Automatic Transmission Fluids - Castrol ATF can protect against clutch wear and restore smooth shifting, even in vehicles with over 75,000 miles on the odometer

Superior Protection, Maximum Performance

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Castrol® is a proud sponsor of Barret-Jackson

Castrol Edge - Path to performance powered by Barret-Jackson.

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1-12 of 58 Results

1-12 of 58 Results