Rain-X® Silicone AdvantEdge® Wiper Blades

Imagine a wiper blade that lasts through your toughest weather conditions! Introducing Rain-X Silicone AdvantEdge, the next evolution in wipers!

Rain-X® truck & SUV wiper blades

Introducing Rain-X Truck & SUV wiper blades! Bigger. Badder. Tougher. Rugged-er. Engineered for all your driving adventures.


Rain-X Quantum Elite wiper blades apply the water-beading magic of Rain-X to the windshield as they wipe away inclement weather.

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RAIN-X® TRUCK & SUV - Rain-X Truck & SUV blade is engineered for all your driving adventures, featuring a steel spring beam design, graphene technology for extended durability, and a blade change indicator.
Rain-X® Silicone AdvantEdge® - Rain-X Silicone AdvantEdge® features a precision-engineered silicone rubber squeegee that lasts 2X longer for ultimate durability and extreme weather performance.
Rain-X® Quantum® - Applies patented water repelling technology to the windshield for clear driving visibility. Experience the water beading magic of Rain-X!
Rain-X® Truck & SUV - Rugged weather tough, engineered for all driving adventures, graphene for extended durability.
Rain-X® Silicone AdvantEdge® - 2x longer lasting with Climate Defence™ Technology
Rain-X® Quantum® - Water repelling and blade change indicator
Rain_X® - Outsmart the elements. Upgrade your wiper blade performance with Rain-X
Have you changed your wiper blades lately? Wiper blades should be replaced once a year, or as part of regular maintenance. Change your blades today if you notice a difference in driving visibility, or if they are skipping, streaking, splitting or squeaking

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Rain-X delivers quality so you can trust the results of your repairs. Whether you're shopping for a new Rain-X 2-IN-1 25 Degree Windshield Washer Fluid 1gal, a Rain-X Bug Remover Washer Fluid 1gal, or maybe something else, you'll find it at AutoZone. We carry 49 Rain-X items. Buy online and pick up your purchase in a store near you, or choose Free Next Day Delivery on qualifying products.

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