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1-24 of 25 Results


      Air Compressor Repair Parts

      Versatile and Efficient

      From professional automotive mechanics to dedicated DIYers, owning an air compressor is essential for anyone who is serious about car maintenance. Here at AutoZone, we carry the best air compressor repair parts for cars and trucks so you can keep your compressor in great condition and have the power you need to work on your car with ease. Your air compressor is best at stepping in where regular manpower simply won't cut it. From inflating tires to powering effective, lightweight air tools such as impact wrenches, hammers, ratchet wrenches, and drills, there are many useful automotive tasks your air compressor will help you perform. Not to mention, your air compressor can be used for projects outside of automotive maintenance including carpentry, painting, power washing, and more.

      Air Compressor Maintenance

      Just like there are necessary maintenance tasks you need to carry out on a regular basis to keep your car in tip-top condition, there are some essential steps you will need to take periodically to maintain your air compressor. It's important that you ensure your machine has the required amount of compressor engine oil and is properly lubricated every time before you use it. You also need to drain your tank regularly to remove any water that has made its way inside. Clean oil and air filters and change them when necessary. You should always refer to the manual and research your specific type of compressor to create the best maintenance schedule for preventing damage to your compressor and avoiding costly repairs. AutoZone has the parts and fluids you need to care for your compressor, so quickly search for “air compressor repair parts near me” on our easy-to-use website to find what you're searching for.

      Find Replacement Parts for Repairs

      Even with proper maintenance, you are likely to run into problems with your air compressor at some point. When it comes time to replace worn or malfunctioning parts, you can find the lowest prices on air compressor repair parts at AutoZone. Common issues you might experience with your compressor include loud clicking or humming noises, excessive oil consumption, oil discharge, constant vibrating, extreme air heat, or a sluggish or inoperable compressor. You will likely need to replace a worn compressor belt, broken valves, bolts, worn piston rings, a bent crankshaft, and an expired head gasket at some point in your air compressor's lifetime. Whenever you run into an issue with your compressor, it is important that you find the parts you need and fix it quickly before a larger problem is created. For help locating the parts you need for your particular compressor, take a trip down to any AutoZone store near you, and one of our AutoZoners can assist you in looking through our inventory and picking out the exact replacement parts you need.