Auto Trans Shift Cable Bushing

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    1-7 of 7 Results

    About Auto Trans Shift Cable Bushing

    Shop for an Automatic Transmission Shift Cable Bushing at AutoZone. The transmission shifter cable or linkage bushing is used to connect the shift cable to the transmission linkage. Buy online for free next day delivery or in a store near you.

    The Importance of a Well-Functioning Transmission

    There are many components that make up your car's transmission, and keeping up with repairs and regularly changing the transmission fluid is essential for preventing transmission failure. One of these components is the auto trans shift cable bushing. If this important part of your transmission breaks, we carry the best auto trans shift cable bushings for cars and trucks at AutoZone both in store and online. Your vehicle's transmission is essential because it allows your car to move forward and gain speed as you drive. By changing the gears of the engine, your transmission transfers power from your vehicle's engine to the wheels of your car. A car can have either a manual transmission, which requires the use of a stick-shift to change gears or an automatic transmission which mechanically switches gears in your vehicle using a torque converter.

    The Purpose of the Automatic Transmission Shift Cable Bushing

    Are you're wondering, “Where can I find auto trans shift cable bushings near me?“ Take your search to AutoZone where you find high-quality shift cable bushings for your vehicle's automatic transmission in no time. These bushings serve the main purpose of connecting the shift cable to the transmission linkage. However, they can break and cause this cable to disconnect from the shift lever. Signs of a cracked or worn bushing include a burning smell, the inability to shift gears, the shift indicator not matching the selected gear, and the inability to put the car in park and pull out the key. Fortunately, replacing a broken bushing is an easy task for DIY mechanics. Simply grab the bushings you need from AutoZone or even buy some ahead of time in case of an emergency and quickly replace them if you start to notice problems shifting. If a broken auto trans shift cable bushing isn't the problem, a stretched or broken cable might be the cause.

    Amazing Benefits of Choosing AutoZone

    For the best shopping experience and the lowest prices on auto trans shift cable bushings on the market, AutoZone is the number one place to go. With experts who are ready to go the extra mile in helping you find the parts you need and offering you useful auto advice, you can feel confident you'll leave any our locations with the necessary gear to help your vehicle run as it should. Don't feel like leaving the comfort of your home or need parts delivered to you? Using our website or mobile app is the easiest way to shop. Simply hop on your computer or mobile device and look through our online inventory until you find what you need. After checking out reviews and quickly comparing prices, check out your parts and opt to either pick them up in store or have them shipped to your house.