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1-24 of 24 Results

1-24 of 24 Results


      Ford Edge Door Lock Actuator

      Few things are more frustrating on your Ford Edge than a stuck door lock actuator. When you need to get in to your car with groceries or a stubborn child in your arms, you don't have enough hands to manually unlock the door. Let AutoZone help you find the part you need to get the locks working again.

      If you depress the lock button in your Edge and notice one or more of your locks fail to engage, then the likely culprits are the actuators. This electrical component is what engages the locking mechanism. Thankfully, the door lock actuator for Ford Edge can be found at AutoZone. With online orders available for Same Day Store Pickup, there's no reason to wait to fix your locks. Let AutoZone provide the advice you need to find the right Edge door lock actuators and rest assured that you're scoring the best deals in the business, since we provide the right products at the right prices.